Marvels The Punisher S01 1080p NF WEB-DL DD5.1 x264-NTb

Season 01

A former Marine out to punish the criminals responsible for his family’s murder finds himself ensnared in a military conspiracy.
Starring: Jon Bernthal, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ben Barnes


Gotham S04E09 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H 264-YFN

Season 04, Episode 09 – “A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie”

Professor Pyg continues to torment Gotham city, involving Jim Gordon whenever possible. Sofia and Penguin get ready for a fundraiser for the orphanage, and things don’t go as planned when Professor Pyg shows up as the chef. Meanwhile, Bruce’s partying gets in the way of his relationship with Alfred.


The Gifted S01E07 720p 1080p AMZN WEB-DL DD5.1 H 264-AJP69

Season 01, Episode 07 – “eXtreme measures”

Eclipse receives a call from his ex-lover, Carmen, and must revisit his dark past in order to protect the Underground. Reed and Sage comb through some secret files they recovered and find alarming information about Lauren’s new friend. Meanwhile, Thunderbird helps Blink open up about her past life; and Jace greenlights a special surveillance program with the help of Dr. Campbell.


Future Man S01 1080p Hulu WEB-DL AAC2.0 H 264-QOQ

Season 01

Future Man stars Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) as “Josh Futturman,” a janitor by day/gamer by night who is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time in order to prevent the extinction of humanity.


The Walking Dead S08E04 720p 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-RARBG

Season 08, Episode 04 – “Some Guy”

A new weapon in the Savior’s arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle, as fighting continues between Rick’s forces and those of the Saviors.


Star Trek Discovery S01E09 720p 1080p NF WEB-DL DD5.1 x264-NTb

Season 01, Episode 09 – “Into the Forest I Go”

Bypassing Starfleet’s orders, Lorca uses the U.S.S. Discovery crew’s ultimate asset, the ship itself, in an effort to end the war with the Klingons once and for all.

Mid Season finale – returns in January.


Marvels Inhumans S01E08 720p 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-RARBG

Season 01, Episode 08 – “And Finally: Black Bolt”

Season 1 finale: The final showdown occurs between Black Bolt and Maximus, and it takes an unexpected turn, resulting in lasting consequences for all of Inhumanity.


Gotham S04E08 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H 264-YFN

Season 04, Episode 08 – “A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself”

Grundy and Nygma become main attractions at Cherry’s Place in the Narrows; Penguin wants revenge when he hears Nygma is mocking him on stage and enlists the Sirens for help; and Gordon is offered the position of GCPD captain, putting him at odds with Bullock.


The Orville S01E09 720p 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-RARBG

Season 01 , Episode 09 – “Cupid’s Dagger”

The Orville is called to mediate a peace treaty between two warring cultures, but tensions run even higher between Ed and Kelly when a familiar face boards the ship. Meanwhile Yaphit declares his love for Dr. Finn with surprising results.


Sea Oak S01E01 720p 1080p WEB H264-STRiFE

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Pilot”

Aunt Bernie, a working-class woman in a Rust Belt city (meek, unmarried, no kids) dies tragically in a home invasion. Compelled by sheer force of dissatisfaction, she comes back from the dead full of rage, determined to get the life she never had. She proceeds to inflict a range of demands on whats left of her nuclear family (a quasi-stripper nephew and two feckless nieces), who live in a low-end subsidized hellhole of a housing complex called Sea Oak.


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