The Block S13E02 WEB-DL x264-MFO

Season 13, Episode 02 – “48 Hour Challenge (2)”

The five teams race to finish the 48 hour challenge and do their best to impress the judges; Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze. The winning team gets first pick of the houses. Next room is the bathroom.

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The Block AU S12E46 Grand Finale Webrip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 46 – “Grand Finale”

It’s auction day and the five incredible Block apartments go under the hammer. There’s plenty of tension and nerves as Scotty and the contestants watch their auctions unfold.


The Block S12E45 Webrip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 45 – “Party Time”

It’s time for the contestants to celebrate all they have accomplished in eleven long weeks. Then the five weary teams move out and head home and the Block is open for inspection to the public for the first time.


The Block AU S12E44 HDTV x264-BR

Season 12, Episode 44 – “Final Challenge Rooms Revealed”

The Block is officially complete as the teams hand over their final rooms of the challenge apartment. There’s a guest judge and another chance to win money off their reserve prices.


The Block S12E43 Webrip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 43 – “Birthday Bash”

Scotty and Shelley inspect progress of the challenge apartment. All the Blockheads forget their differences and head out to celebrate Chris’s birthday and the celebrations are full of surprises.


The Block S12E42 Webrip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 42 – “Budget Blues and Budget Wins”

Scotty arrives on The Block to talk budget with treasurer Kim and it isn’t good news when Scotty is out of pocket. Kim has some welcome news for all the teams except for one. There’s a chance to win $5000 cash in Scotty’s last challenge.


The Block AU S12E39 HDTV x264-FQM

Season 12, Episode 39 – “Challenge Episode Takes Shape”

Scotty and Shelley arrive to check on progress. The teams have the chance to win $20,000, $15,000 or $10,000 off their reserves this week and the competition heats up.


The Block S12E38 Webrip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 38 – “Renovating Roller Coaster”

The challenge apartment takes shape and it’s a roller coaster ride for the teams with sickness, stress and trouble. There’s also a sleepover planned, Keith and Dan hand out the lists of defects for each apartment, and Chris and Kim host a party.


The Block AU S12E37 WEBRip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 37 – “The Final Challenge Begins”

Work on the challenge apartment begins and when the treasurer and project manager is appointed, alliances are formed and things get off to a rocky start.


The Block S12E36 Webrip x264-MFO

Season 12, Episode 36 – “Terraces Revealed”

Tonight the contestants hand over their completed terraces and re-do rooms. The judges are impressed but opinions are divided and the scores are tight. The teams discover Scotty’s big secret as he reveals their final challenge.


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