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Season 04, Episode 06 – “Ghosts of Menengai Crater & Kalanoro”

In the East African country of Kenya, the local Maasai tribe claims a massive volcanic crater is haunted by the 60,000 warriors who where killed there during a bloody civil war in the 1800s. Battle cries, shadows, and strange noises are all reported to emanate from the center of what’s called the Menengai Crater.

Could Madagascar be the home to a small but dangerous creature called the Kalanoro? That idea might not be too far fetched since this island off the coast of Africa is the home to several animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. Stories of the mischievous Kalanoro date back 2,000 years, but recent sightings imply the dangerous, two-foot tall, humanoid monster may be back.


Destination Truth S03E11E14 HDTV x264-W4F

Season 03, Episode 11 – “Ghosts of the Great Wall & Israeli Mermaid”

The Great Wall of China. Legend says it’s one of the few man-made structures visible from space. Stretching for 4,000 miles across the north of China, it’s estimated that more than a million soldiers died building and defending the wall. Fifty miles north of Beijing lies “The Wild Wall,” a portion of the Wall that has more than a few dark corners. Locals report strange apparitions as well as the sounds of marching footsteps on the wind.

In Kirvat Yam, Israel, there is a very large check for a million dollars waiting for photographic proof, proof of a mermaid. Dozens of locals have reported something that scared them at close range. A creature with a body covered in scales, the lower half ending in a fluked tail that splashed in the waves at sunset. The accounts detail a humanoid torso, with limbs and webbed appendages. The creature has an anthropomorphic face, wide-set eyes, and razor sharp teeth. Even though sightings of a humanoid sea creature date back 3,000 years, Greek Sirens these creatures are most certainly not.

Season 03, Episode 14 – “Ghosts of Petra & The Lizard Man”

Josh and the team travel to Petra, an ancient city carved from the walls of a canyon in Jordan in search of the spirits who are still said to reside there. Then they return to the US to see if they can find proof of the existence of the Lizard Man who supposedly lives in the Scape Ore Swamp of South Carolina.


Playing House S03E03-E08 WEBRip x264-eSc

Season 03, Episode 03 – “Gwen or Lose”

Mark coaches a women’s basketball team and Emma is horrified when she realizes who his star player is. Maggie takes reffing very seriously.

Season 03, Episode 04 – “Paging Doctor Yes Please”

Maggie is invited to act in a nursing promo video and Emma gets involved. Zach teaches Bruce how to ride a bike.

Season 03, Episode 05 – “You Wanna Roll With This?”

Maggie and Emma face their biggest challenge yet. Mark sends back-up.

Season 03, Episode 06 – “Ride The Dragon”

Emma crashes Maggie’s owl-themed craft night. Zach brings Emma a treat and the gang goes on a real ride..

Season 03, Episode 07 – “Game of Tweens”

Emma and Tina plan a birthday party for their most demanding client yet, a 13 year old girl. Maggie goes on a date, but frosty feelings abound.

Season 03, Episode 08 – “Reverse The Curse”

On their way to a fancy dinner, Maggie and Emma get into trouble in the best way possible. Some new and old friends come to their rescue.


Naked Attraction S02E01 x264-TVC

Season 02, Episode 01 – “Dom and Izzy”

Pansexual Izzy is open to all genders; while Dom wants to find a girl who isn’t put off by his posh boy charm.


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